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Live Whole and Healthy with Incas

The Incas System of balance is more than just eating the right foods…. It is a holistic approach to life that embraces what we call the Seven Pillars of Health. Live by these pillars and enjoy a long life full of energy, vibrant health and vitality!

It is simply Nature’s Promise of Health!

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It is indeed true that “We are what we eat!”

The Father of Medicine did say:
“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”
Hippocrates, AD 390

At Incas Health, we are living by the principles of this ancient wisdom, a wisdom well known and practiced by our forefathers here in Kenya !

We produce Kenya’s first range of healthy flours. Our flours are whole grain, unsifted and unrefined, retain both the germ and bran that contain vital nutrients and fibre needed by our body cells for great health. What’s more, Incas flours are also fortified with the nutritious “super grain” Incas Amaranth or pre-cooked Soya beans the “treasure house of life”. The whole family can now enjoy the benefits of delicious nutritious whole grains from Incas. The Incas healthy range of flours is available in all leading supermarket countrywide.

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